How to Play a RoadMapp?

How to Play a RoadMapp?

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This is how you play RoadMapp!

The very first time RoadMapp! A special moment.

As with any new system, you need to be guided through it so you understand how it works. That’s what this short guide is for.


  • A Host with a Main Screen
    Open the link on a tablet (> 10 ″), a TV / projector or a laptop.
  • A Group of Players with Smartphones
    Tablets will also work. Everyone checks-in to the main screen to be able to enter as well.

Group composition

The group composition depends on many factors.

Do you put people around the table who already know each other? They are better off making and realizing a plan together. Or do you put complete strangers around the table? Because they can inspire each other with completely new perspectives.

Do you put a facilitator or manager at the table? Knowing that it will influence the conversation and the players will look at him / her to follow it up? Everything has advantages and disadvantages, but start from what you want to achieve. For example, if you are looking for ownership and self-direction, do not put a manager at the table.

Via Video Conferencing

Share the Main Screen with the other Players, for example with, Zoom, WebEx or Teams. Next, the Players can check in themselves with their Smartphone. You can even make a hybrid solution, some Players on location and others remote.

All Players have two devices. One to check in at the Video Conference and one to check in at the RoadMapp, the Remote (Smartphone or tablet).

1. As a Host, start the RoadMapp on the device that you use for the video conference.
2. Check in at the video conference.
3. Share the RoadMapp Main Screen (guide for Teams Zoom WebEx Skype Hangouts).
4. Now, all Players see the Main Screen and check-in with their second device, the Remote.
5. Everyone is checked in? Press Start!

1. The Host opens the Main Screen

Open the Link to the RoadMapp, preferably in Google Chrome or Firefox.
Preferably on a Tablet (10 inch or larger, an iPad mini is too small) or PC (whether or not projected, eg on a TV).

The Main screen is primarily intended to display the collective input centrally. The screen does not need to be touched (except when starting a movie or adding a new player). The Captain operates the rest remotely!

Then it’s time to check in all players! The Host can also participate. In principle, the RoadMapp guides the conversation.

The Check-in screen with a short explanation on the right

2. The Players check in with Smartphones

Open the Link from the central screen with a smartphone or other touch device.

Or scan the QR code with the camera app, but not with special QR code scanners, because they have built-in browsers that are not supported!

Everyone enters the code and a name.

Enter the code
Enter a (fictitious) name

3. Two kinds of ‘Remote Controllers’

There are two types of Remotes. That of the Captain and that of the other players. The Player who checks in first is the Captain. This role can be taken over at any time.

This way the group can focus on the conversation and not everyone is blindly staring at his / her screen. That is not conducive to a good conversation, as you can imagine …

The Captain can then start the RoadMapp when everyone is online.

By starting the RoadMapp, everyone agrees to our privacy and terms.

The Captain’s Remote
The Player’s Remote

Names on “Red”?

If someone’s name is RED, he / she must make the screen active again, so that everyone is checked in correctly.

4. Let’s play!

And here we go!

On the left you see the Navigation bar, with the different blocks and the time that is running. Oops, this group is already out of date!

On the right side you see the players, who are all online. New players can also be added there by clicking the plus sign.

At the start some roles have to be divided. The Captain does this via the Remote.

Let’s Play!

There are two kinds of questions. Usually only the Captain can take minutes. This to prevent to interrupt the conversation. But sometimes players can also enter themselves.

Here only the Captain can take minutes for the group (see the bar at the top of the screen).

And the Captain can also Navigate with the left bar. For example, to the Previous or Next block, but also scrolling if too much content appears on the screen.

The Captain ensures that the other players have a nice conversation with each other and preferably put their Remote aside.

The Captain’s Remote
The Player’s Remote

Individual question, the Captain takes minutes

This is what a block looks like with questions that must be answered by everyone.

However, the Captain takes notes, so that a conversation starts first, instead of a lot of screen contact and no conversation.

They can take over this role at any time via their Remote to relieve the current Captain. This way someone can be the Captain at any time.

Individual question, the Captain makes Minutes

Here the Captain can select the players at the top of the screen to take minutes for.

The Captain selects for whom he /she answers
The Remote of the other players is “greyed out”

6. Draw on the Remote

Not all RoadMapps have this functionality.

Text alone is also a bit boring sometimes, right? That is why it is sometimes possible to draw!

To do this, the Remote must be turned for a while. When the drawing is done, the Remote will be turned back to submit the drawing and possibly scroll through to follow-up questions.

This is what the Remote of the Player looks like.
Rotate Device = Draw!
And there is the drawing!

7. Brainstorm!

En daar staat de tekening!

Not all RoadMapps have this functionality.

And now we are going to generate a lot of ideas in a short time! The brainstorm allows all players to enter unlimited ideas. Diverge and then converge, all in one block!

Sent? The field is cleared and can be re-entered!

8. Wrap up!

And after all questions have been gone through, all things collected and everyone has indicated what his / her next step is, it is time to finish.
Too bad! Unfortunately, everything comes to an end.

Fortunately, we still have the answers! You can receive it afterwards by entering your email address. Then you will receive your own answers, the group answers, but not the individual answers from your table companions. Very neat, right?

And the RoadMapp can be passed on by recording a movie for the next group. This is how we pass the baton ourselves.

The Captain presses “Stop” to end the RoadMapp.
Enter the email address and receive your results.
Pass the baton!

More information?

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